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“Showroom” is the face of the company.

They may vary in size, location and design, but they all have one thing in common: they are all arranged in such a way as to show your product in a profitable way and create the most convenient conditions for customers.

The most popular areas of activity where showroom is widely used are construction and finishing materials for interiors, plumbing, electrical engineering, air conditioning systems, heating, ventilation, “smart home”.


Complex facade and interior design of the show-room in a single corporate style;

– Working out and manufacturing of advertising demo-stands, show-windows, racks individually under customer’s product sample;

– Advertising interior installations with illumination, light boxes, light image panels;

– Information stands of any configuration;

– Registration of a meeting zone and а waiting area;

– Design of the working areas of the showroom employees.


The showroom can have different options: a hall with products only of a certain brand; or a hall where a buyer can only see samples of products; or a room where you can not only study samples, but also order (buy) company products. 

Regardless of the orientation of the showroom, its essence is the exhibition of samples of goods or services. In addition, the showroom can be at the manufacturer, franchisee, distributor.  The show-room is organized by almost all well-known companies that have sales offices for goods or services.

Competently designed show-room allows:

  • increase demand for services or goods;
  • to improve brand recognition;
  • strengthen the prestige of the company in the market;
  • quickly acquaint buyers with new models or new types of services.


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