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Are you going to take part at a major sectoral exhibition? The fact that you are still looking for a manufacturer of exhibition stands indicates that:

- You are taking a responsible approach to exhibit at the fair.

- You want to get the maximum effect from the event.

- It is important for you to be represented better and attract more attention from partners and media than your competitors.

- You are searching for a professional exhibition stands' manufacturer - someone who clearly understands your needs and who does everything in the best possible way, saving you time and nerves for other important tasks.

Someone will tell you that you have high expectations and needs.
We will say that these are natural desires for any successful person, for whom the results are important.

Initially, the full realization of the tasks that you will be facing during the participation at an exhibition.

Just imagine yourself at the exhibition. What do you think of this picture of the day:

  • You and your team are in a great mood - and you are actively consulting the visitors (clients) at your stand.
  • Everyone is delighted with your exhibition - many people are asking for a permission to photograph against this background.
  • Potential partners and customers are the first to approach you, and they start a conversation about cooperation. Noticing the high level of your training, willingly agree to work with you.
  • You are the first to be noticed by the media and asked to give an interview.
  • And your competitors are silently jealous, dreaming to rise to your level, and watching as all the cream comes to you.

Do you like this prospect?

Do you want to get this result?

The production of exclusive exhibition stands is our main product. We know our business in the tiniest details through this approach and ... :
We prepare only original stand design. We do not offer template standard decisions. In addition, the preparation of 3D models is included in the cost of production of the exhibition stand.
We reduce the stress during the participation in the exhibition, allowing you to focus on the exhibition itself.
We have our own production. This means that we give the price at first hand and you can be 100% sure of the high quality of materials.
It's easy to communicate and interact with us. You don't need to be a professional in the field of exhibition stands. Just indicate your needs and desires. And we will produce what you want.
We don't make a commitment, with what we can't handle. For instance, if we understand that a project cannot be implemented in the shortest possible time, we will not offer our services for its realisation.
We save you time and money. In 7 years we have produced over 300 exhibition stands. It's through such an array of knowledge and experience that we offer only reliable technical solutions to preserve a unique supply and design.
I don't like your stand design?
It happens rarely, because we listen to you carefully, record your needs, wishes and figure everything in the form of a technical task. However, if you are not satisfied with the design of your stand prepared by us, we are ready to offer other options, taking into account your comments. In addition, the preparation of a 3D model is included in the cost of booth production, and you will not lose anything.
Won't you be able to make a stand by the deadline?
All production processes at our company are clearly regulated and prescribed by deadlines. In addition, we do not take on projects if we understand that we will not be able to objectively make it by the target date.
Will you delay the installation of the stand in the pavilion?
We have highly-experienced assemblers - owing to their professionalism, the team work on stand assembly is much more harmonious and efficient than that of many other builders. We always have time to assemble the entire stand on time and to test it.

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Now you understand that the production of exhibition stands is a delicate, difficult and time-consuming task. Make your choice: